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2015 Wrap Up

Hello Everyone!!!

Just a quick post on 2015, the year that was in Karate Cafe!

We went, as ever, in fits and starts but we hope we provided some great shows for you guys.

We covered several topics and had a few fantastic interviews. We hope to have more of the same in 2016.

Some numbahs:

Over 10,000 downloads in 2015 and over 54,000 downloads since we began!

The new Facebook page has taken off and added several new members, that’s your venue to keep the conversation going!

We have listeners from over 90 countries!!! Top 10:











For some reason, you guys liked looking at Paul, so minisode 28, the lone vodcast, is our most downloaded show. Seriously!? 😉

Thanks for hitting the Amazon link (and buying stuff) and visiting our sponsor, Piranha Gear. Thanks to Bill for putting up with our shenanigans!! The Dojo Manager has had some signups, as well so well done you!!

Onward to 2016!!!

Episode 112 – Interview with Iain Abernethy

Wowsers!!! We finally scored our interview with the great Iain Abernethy!!!

He talks about his training methods, his thoughts on street fighting vs self defense, his regular dojo training and we share a few laughs! We also discuss his upcoming seminar in Texas.


Piranha Gear

The Dojo Manager

The Amazon Link



RERUN – All about Iain

A double feature rerun, this week!

Here are a couple of minisodes dedicated to Paul’s karate crush, Iain Abernethy!

The first minisode, is all about Paul’s admiration of Iain’s dedication to practical karate and civility. It was also the first minisode:

Click for Minisode #1

Then, later, Iain released an episode of his podcast, Occam’s Hurled Katana . Some of the content dealt with traditional weapons and Paul disagreed with some points and after a Twitter conversation, Iain invited Paul to offer a counter point. He did that in Minisode 12:

Click for Minisode #12

Iain recapped the affair on his forum, as well:

Click here for peace in our time

Thanks, Iain!!