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RERUN – All about Iain

A double feature rerun, this week!

Here are a couple of minisodes dedicated to Paul’s karate crush, Iain Abernethy!

The first minisode, is all about Paul’s admiration of Iain’s dedication to practical karate and civility. It was also the first minisode:

Click for Minisode #1

Then, later, Iain released an episode of his podcast, Occam’s Hurled Katana . Some of the content dealt with traditional weapons and Paul disagreed with some points and after a Twitter conversation, Iain invited Paul to offer a counter point. He did that in Minisode 12:

Click for Minisode #12

Iain recapped the affair on his forum, as well:

Click here for peace in our time

Thanks, Iain!!

Episode 101: Martial Hipsters

We discuss the age old issue, with the new name, Martial Hipster. Pioneers of trodden ground, reveling in stating that which is already known or Preserving and Extending the ideals of the past?

How much is too much? Where is the “Just shut up and train!!!” line? Does Paul skirt the line?



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Minisode 15 – Ice, Ice Baby

Karate Cafe Minisode #15

Ice, Ice Baby…!! Paul chills out while applying martial arts concepts and makes a new friend.

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